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At Illusionist, our range of services is vast.  Anything you can conceive that you need to show visually… we can accomplish.

PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES: Weddings, Engagement photos, Family photos, Baby pics, Maternity photos, Studio pictures, Boudoir/Glamour photos, & Lifestyle shots.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Wedding videos, Corporate videos, Commercials, & Web videos like... product videos, safety videos, training videos, & informative videos.


There's no shoot too small or big for us as we can provide up to 3 photographers for a single event.  Using the best equipment in the market today... Thousands and thousands of images are always taken to ensure that special moment is certainly captured.  

Photo extras

An additional photographer is a great idea if you want to get shots from different angles... or if you would like someone to operate a photo booth full time.  Our photo booth includes a white studio backdrop with a wide variety of props such as: hats, sunglasses, wigs, boas, costumes, and other props like stuffed animals.

Once you're images have been edited, share them with your friends by getting one of our photo albums or photo books.

We also offer a number of cards... like photo invite cards, and thank you cards.


We offer a single camera, or multi camera shoots.  A 2nd camera locked off as a wide shot somewhere is a good idea, as the edited video looks much better with cutaways.  The quality of our HD video camera is impeccable, as nothing's better than seeing the scene just the way you remember it.  Our background in television and film ensure that all your footage have that professional look that you expect.

Video extras

We have a post production editor with full service edit suite on staff... as well as a graphic artist that does animations.  This ensures that your final edited video has all the bells and whistles of any high end video production that you see on TV or on the web. 


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